Co da Serra de Aires


Barishnya's Jambo vice veteran WDS 2017 Leipzig

Carte d'Or Moravia Tauri World Winner WDS 2017 and Best of Breed

All Dressed Up Kehr Fully Maid Junior World Winner and Best Junior


Co da Serra de Aires is a medium size sheepdog bred originally in Portugal. Shepherds kept the Serra as a companion and herding dog.  Its early characteristics seem to resemble those of the Pyrenean Sheepdog. However, it is thought that the modern type of Serra results from the mix of Briards into the original line. The Serra is a dog of great appeal with a beautiful coat and engaging disposition.   

In Portugal, the Co da Serra de Aires tends and drives flocks of sheep, goats or cattle as well as horses or pigs. It is well adapted to the dry and flat areas of the Alantejo and Ribatejo as well as to the harsh climate freezing and windy in the winter, very hot dry and dusty in the summer. Its shaggy coat serves as a protection against potential injury and the burning rays of the sun.


In other countries, Serras are essentially companion, show and agility dogs.